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Flash games are in rage today. From computers to handheld devices, flash games are being made for all kinds of audiences.

Considering the increasing popularity of these games, a lot of people have started developing their own flash games. Besides, you can make a regular income out of these gaming projects. We have listed a few ways, to help you generate some income with your flash games.


One of the primary ways to make money with your flash games is with the help of advertising. There are several in-game advertising networks that can help you with the ads in your games. For an instance, you can check out MochAds to display their ads in your games.

Setting up these ads is fairly simple and you can run them within your flash games. You just need to register with one of these networks and insert some code in your games before you release them. Advertising can surely turn out to be a significant source of revenue; however you must not rely on it as your primary income.

Long Term Projects

Once you gain some reputation as a game developer, you can provide your service to marketing, gaming, advertising and designing agencies for a commission. This will get you some lump sum amount per game and is known to be one of the most profitable ways to make money out of your flash games.

The only downside is that you will have to follow some specific guidelines provided by your client. This reduces your creativity and in some cases, your enjoyment as well. Since this is a wholesome amount, you will not get any more revenue once you develop the game and hand it to your client.

Therefore, you will need to quote and manage the project in such a way that you can maximize your gains.

Your Own Gaming Website

Instead of looking for sponsorship on other websites, you can create your own online gaming site. You can create a variety of flash games and drive traffic on your site. With this revenue-generating method, you will not get a lump sum amount, but you can aim for a steady income stream from your flash games.

This would also require a lot of time and effort, in order to set up and maintain your gaming website. You can also use free games from other game developers, so as to fill your site with more games. It is important to have a wide game selection to captivate the user's attention. You can invest in a decent server hosting to suffice the bandwidth load of flash games.

Creating a good website and driving traffic is not enough since monetization is one of the important aspects to generating steady income. You will have to pay for the hosting costs and generate profits. You must consider on-site advertising from Adsense or Google and you can also sell some ad space.

Quality is of great importance when it comes to the success of your site. Bad unblocked games 6688 are likely to get very little interest and very low sponsorship revenue as well.

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