So, how can I protect my vision from LED exposure?

So, how can I protect my vision from LED exposure?

So, are LED lights safe?

There seems to be a general consensus among researchers that LED blue light exposure in the range between 470 to 480 nanometers for short periods (meaning days to weeks) should not significantly increase the risk of eye disease, but the same cannot be said for long term exposure over months to years.

6 months agoIn fact, the ANSES study concluded that long term exposure to even low-level blue light “could accelerate the aging of retinal tissue, contributing to a decline in visual acuity and certain degenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration”.

The ANSES report recommends buying “warm white” LED home lighting, limiting your exposure to LED sources with a high concentration of blue light, and avoiding LED screens before bedtime. They went on to recommend that car manufacturers limit the luminous intensity of vehicle headlights, some of which are too bright. In fact, the American Medical Association (AMA) also encourages road engineers to use LED lights that are 3000 Kelvin or lower, so as to minimize glare.

It should be noted that the ANSES report cast doubt on the efficacy of many “blue-blocking” screens, filters, and sunglasses being marketed, saying that their protective ability varies widely.

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In fact, a 2017 review of the medical literature looked at the benefits and harm coming from blue-blocking lenses marketed to protect against phototoxicity and found “a lack of high-quality evidence” to support their use “for the general population to improve visual performance or sleep quality, alleviate eye fatigue or conserve macular health.”

The Bottom line is don’t run out and spend a ton of money on fancy blue-blocking lenses. More research is needed in this area. But do limit your exposure, and especially your kids’ exposure, to LED screens and lights in the evening so that everyone can get a good night’s sleep.

Why choose Assil Eye Institute for your eye care?

The eye care professional team of ophthalmologists and optometrists at Assil Eye Institute (AEI) offer world class eye care treating dry eye conditions, cataracts, glaucoma, LASIK and laser eye correction as well as a wide variety of cornea and retinal conditions.

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At Assil Eye Institute we take our patients’ safety seriously. Our facility’s Covid-19 patient safety procedures exceed all CDC recommendations. Masks are required in our institutes at all times.

We are conveniently located for patients throughout Southern California and the Los Angeles area at locations in or near Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Culver City, Hollywood, Venice, Marina del Rey, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, and Downtown Los Angeles, to name a few.

3 Tips to Choosing Track Lighting

3 Tips to Choosing Track Lighting

Whether you live in a contemporary high-rise or suburban ranch, track lighting is sure to provide dramatic and enhanced illumination to any room of the house.

In the evolution of illumination—from torches to torchiers—track lighting is a relative newcomer. While originally used in galleries, museums, and commercial installations, track lighting has become a popular choice for many homeowners today, regardless of whether they live in a sleek, contemporary dwelling or rustic, country cottage. And with good reason. Track lighting can add drama and a modern aesthetic everywhere from the bathroom to the finished basement and is relatively affordable and easy to install. Here’s all you need to know to bring the flexibility and flair of track lighting to your home.

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What is track lighting?

Track lighting is very much what it sounds like: a track that screws into your ceiling and provides power for a series of independent lights that are suspended from it. Lights can be placed anywhere along the track and directed a variety of angles. Track lighting excels at calling attention to a specific workspace, piece of artwork, doorway, or architectural detail. If, however, you are looking for general illumination to light up an entire space, a standard ceiling fixture will cast a more dispersed glow.

As with most home lighting, there are line-voltage and low-voltage track lighting systems. LED shop lights den led gia phuc, online led store denledgiaphuc

Line-voltage systems use the standard electrical wires and current in the home, which provides 120 volts to the fixtures. These popular types of track lighting installations tend to use spotlights or floodlights and have the largest light fixtures.

Low-voltage systems have a small transformer built in that takes the current down to 12 volts, allowing the system to use a greater variety of bulbs and light fixtures that are often much smaller than line voltage lighting but equally bright. Low-voltage track lighting bulbs also last longer; in the case of low-voltage LED systems, the lights can last an impressive 10,000 to 100,000 hours.

Homeowners will choose between two main types of tracks: straight and monorail.

The most basic type of track lighting system consists of a standard track (also called a “straight” or “linear track”) that holds the lighting fixtures. These tracks can come in one of three configurations: H, J, or L style, each named for the way in which the track is shaped internally. When buying new track lighting or replacing fixtures along an existing track, make sure the lights you choose match your track style.

Another popular system is the monorail track. This can come in a variety of styles but generally consists of a custom-formed track from which lights are suspended. So, if you have a curvy kitchen island, for example, you can get a monorail system that would follow its contours. This type of track comes in several options:

Flexrail systems are pre-formed monorail systems that you can flex yourself. Best LED Light Brands đèn led gia phúc

Suspended monorails are dropped down from the ceiling via a series of connectors.

Two-circuit monorail systems allow you to work some lights with one switch and others with a second switch. In such a system, you could have one circuit operate spotlights aimed at particular areas while another could light pendants for dispersed ambient light.

These lights are available in styles as wide as those found for ceiling fixtures.

The most common lights you’ll see sitting along the rail in a track lighting system are called “track heads.” But you can replace the spotlights for drop-down pendants with gorgeous glass shades and much more. If you already have a track lighting system in your home, you can refresh it by just swapping out the track heads; just make sure you purchase new lights at the correct voltage and for the same style track.

If you already have a ceiling light fixture, track lights are easy to install.

The lighting kit is bound to include model-specific instructions that homeowners with some experience in replacing light fixtures should feel confident following. But the basic process for replacing an existing light fixture remains the same: After you remove the old light, screw the track into the ceiling using toggle bolts or other appropriate anchors and connect the new track to the electrical box. Then, snap your lights in place and enjoy the fun of moving them around to get the lighting in your room exactly the way you want it!

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